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Oh BBQ Season

What a crazy few weeks we've had - who knew in April when we decided to develop and branch out into BBQ's that it would be so popular! 12 events in the last 5 weeks.. From our packages to tailored packages we've cooked it all! Beef Brisket, Belly Pork Strips, Burgers, Sausages, Chicken and even the Veggie Skewers! We won't even mention the meat side of things as you guys and your orders just wow!

The farms been pretty crazy the last couple of weeks, bringing cows in the shed.. Moving cows here and there, collecting more pigs and watching the bigger boys escape (most days but shh). The tame lambs aka the tibbys as we call them have now discovered the drive way and have been very naughty going up there most days so we're going to have to say goodbye to our morning hellos from them and put them in a field, no more free range.

We're extremely glad to see the rain though, and I think all the animals here on the farm are too. Since we've had such a busy couple of weeks we've not had much time to keep tidying and updating the farm so this week we're really getting stuck in before our next BBQ on Friday evening. Has any body good any good tips for keeping the motivation when gardening? It's really not our thing. Especially whilst trying to keep a nine month old entertained.. Although she's rather happy down with the cows.

Anyways, thats a little update on us recently.. Always open for questions as we know you all love to know about the farm.

J & J x

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