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A week behind the Scenes

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

It's been a chaotic week here on the farm! We had our cattle's TB test this week (every 6 months now), fortunately we got our results back and we're all clear! Phew!

We started lambing last week and the girls are dragging their heals with it, we've had 10 lamb now so slowly getting there with our little flock. Only one tibby lamb so far, fingers crossed we can adopt her to another ewe 🙏🏼

We've finally had our fertiliser turn up, the corn ground and grass ground are looking so much better for it too.

We've been getting into the swing of our bbq now too; our new favourite thing to cook is brisket!

Not much more to say, we won't sadden you with the lows just the highs! Have a great weekend 🤩

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