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The First Blog

Our first blog is up! We have no idea how to blog so we'll just baffle away to you as we know you all love to hear about the farm and the animals.

The cows and sheep are having a whale of a time outside at the moment, the sun is shinning and they are bouncing! The cows in the shed are a little bit jealous... Although we have a new chief babysitter.. Lila! It won't be long until the cows are back out roaming the fields and causing chaos.

On a different note, we start lambing in the middle of March, we can't believe how fast that has come around.. it feels like yesterday we were lambing! Although we made a slight booboo as we completely forgot to scan the sheep so we'll be lambing blind this year.. Singles, doubles, triplets who knows! All we know is the girls are looking rather large.

We've not got much left to update you on at the moment, winter isn't the most exciting time on the farm, but we promise to try and make the next blog more exciting.

James & Jaz

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